Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oak Orchard :: Day IV

Oak Orchard duck weed, lily pads and bulrush

One thing I decided on this cruise is to take the time to visit the port towns where I pull in. Sometimes it's too hot, I'm too tired or there's just no time (or I don't make the time). So, when I woke up Monday morning, I decided to spend another day in Oak Orchard to see the sights.

I hopped on an old beater and cycled up the road to Brown's Berry Patch. After a bit of Christmas shopping (and found a bday gift for my sister!), I settled down on a shady bench to enjoy some Bavarian chocolate frozen yogurt. Yum. What else could one ask for on a hot summer day. Got back on the rode to Point Breeze: rental cottages, Narby's Superette and Tackle store, The Black North Inn, fishing, fishing and more fishing. There are lovely, old homes. One in particular is linked to Napoléon Bonaparte! I bought fresh peaches from a local grower. So good! They taste like honey. Really.

Back at the boat, I saw people floating on the river. I didn't need anymore convincing. I inflated my dandy recreational floatation device and carefully stepped down the swim ladder...very carefully I entered the murky waters of this Alabama swamp. Although it was surprisingly warm, it felt good and refreshing. Two days in OO is more than plenty!

Turtles sunning on a log in Oak Orchard


  1. We have been to Brown's Berry Patch, too. Funny how these sights we drive to and drive by so quickly take on so much significance when cruising!

    The peach, wow, sounds amazing. My mouth is watering! The peach alone, tasting like honey. yum!

    Now I want to pair it with a crisp dry white. Or maybe a fino, with some salty nuts. Mouth feel is everything!!!!

    p.s. I think you were very brave to go in the swamp with all those turtles about!

  2. I just re-read my comment!! exclamation points!! everywhere!!!!