Monday, August 1, 2011

Oak Orchard :: Day III

Monday morning! Coffeed and showered but hungry as a bear. I wanted to make this entry at the OOYC club house since signal is not good on the boat and it's a hike up!

Had to motor from Olcott to Point Breeze yesterday after 2 pm. The wind, she died. Cooked dinner while en route. Jerk chicken and a salad. Nice to hit the dock and have it ready. The people of OOYC are always so hospitable and helpful. Always nice to visit.

Not minding being alone. I'm texting Jim and friends for company. It's not like the real thing but it keeps me company. The one thing I miss is stopping while underway for a dip. I was very tempted yesterday but thought better of it. What if the boat drifts and leaves me behind? I think it's more than that. Maybe the fear of big lurky things in the water? But more so, what if something did go wrong? So, in the end. I think it's wise.

I love the sound of the bull frogs at night, the sight of the turtles in the morning sun. Oh but in the wee hours of the morning (3 am ish), I woke up to the sound of thunder. Rumbles and pop pop pops! I opened my eyes to the glow of lighting. I crawled out of the V-berth and settled in at the bottom of the cockpit to watch and listen to the show. Amazing clouds illuminated by lightning of all sorts. It was a calm and beautiful event. Slumber called and I headed back to bed.

Today, I'm off to Rochester. Maybe. Must have breakfast first. My favourite! Sourdough walnut bread + an egg and 1/2 an orange. Yum!

Oak Orchard River


  1. Your sailing solo! Hats off to you! Oak Orchard is a great spot and so is the rest of the south shore. Enjoy your sailing vacation. I am ENVIOUS..Our week holiday ended today..

  2. yes, my 26 day holiday has now come to an end. :-(
    I am very inspired to see you go solo!
    I like Oak Orchard and Point Breeze, maybe we'll get there again next year.
    Enjoy the stars!!
    Find Cassaiopia for me.