Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waupoos :: Day XIII

Waupoos sunflowers!
 Oh how I love Waupoos and the County! Who doesn't? The water is beautiful, the country side very pastoral and the folks oh so nice. Arrived on Monday. Anchored out and swam after an 8 hour crossing from Oswego. So hot. It's always good to come back here. It feels like home and I have a feeling that it will be one day.

Tuesday was a perfect day for chores. Despite the rain I went to shore to do laundry, shower and taxy to Picton for provisions. A high wind forecast convinced most people to seek the shelter of a better anchorage or to tuck into the marina. I chose the marina to recharge the batteries and to peddle around the county roads. Black River Cheese is always a treat for its ice cream. The ride justifies the calories! Then back tracked to Waupoos Winery where I sampled a few wines.

Waupoos Winery
 As much as I want to like the county wine, it's a tough sell. I don't know what it is. Is it the soil, the age, the  climate, the method? Diane? I started with an Auxerrois (fresh and lively on the nose with hints of apples, pears and citrus fruit. Nicely balanced with a crisp dry finish. Pairs best with white fish ), followed by a Chardonnay Select 2008 (baked apples & pear on the nose follows through to the palate. Nice depth to this unoaked Chardonnay and will pair best with any shell fish), and finished the whites with a Vidal (a lovely sipping wine with nectarine, honey & candied apple on the nose. Lively on the palate with notes of tangerine carrying through to fresh orange zest with a slightly off dry finish. Pair with grilled chicken or spicy cuisine) which I liked and which I will serve with tonight's Indian meal. I sampled the reds. I started with a peppery Pearl Noir 2009 (plums and blackberries with the hint of chocolate and pepper, this wine is a pleasant sipper. Well balanced acidity makes it a perfect food wine with Bolognese or tomato sauces). I tried 2 or 3 others and gave up. Again, I want to love these county wines but... overly dry, tongue stripping are not qualities that I look for in a wine. Oh dear... I sound like such a snob. Someone educate me please!

So I finish this post with memories of a very special visit. A couple of years ago, my folks were invited to a wedding in St Catharines. They drove up with my great aunt Sybil. We agreed that they would pick me up in Waupoos since I was going to be there on the boat. I prepared a meal and they came aboard to enjoy it. Dad was familiar with the boat. When we first got it, he joined me for a weekend of sailing. As for Mom, it was her first time to see it and in all of her 90 years, Aunt Sybil had never stepped foot on a sailboat. I will cherish that moment forever! I'm glad I took some pictures to better remember it!

Mom and Dad

Aunt Sybil

A very special moment!


  1. yes, Waupoos is amazing; so are the sunflowers:

  2. I agree with you about the wine.... think they should forget about wine in Prince Edward County and just market the cider.

  3. Your Aunt looks like absolutely delighted! And I can't believe how much you resemble your mom... at least in these photos.

    keep on cruisin'