Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soup Night!

After the weekend's decadence... Monday night supper calls for a simple meal. 95% of the time, soup is on the menu. Today, I'm trying something totally new: Beef Quinoa. I grilled the beef, onion, carrot, garlic and celery on the BBQ at high heat for approximately 10 minutes then threw everything in the pressure cooker and topped the pot up with boiling water, brought the cooker up to a decent pressure (I nearly blew up the house as I did so when I became enthralled by this fantastic You Tube video honoring Dave Brubeck -- you got to take a listen! Thx for sharing Yüksel!).


The broth is percolating as I write this. Come to think of it, this soup's ingredients have very local roots. The beautiful heirloom carrots are from the marsh, the garlic is our own homegrown and the beef is from Farmer Don next door. How is that for eating local?! Using quinoa in soup is a first for me. I keep reading such great things about this ingredient that I decided to try it out.

Just off the grilled into cooker!

Unbelievable beet red carrot!
Verdict: I will definitely grill soup ingredients again and again. As a matter of fact, it is the way to go if time permits. The heirloom carrots are visually beautiful to work with but, Jimmy didn't think that the end result looked visually appealing. Those beet red carrots bled like beets do. As for the Quinoa, I'll stick to barley for my soups.

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  1. Pressure cooker, huh? I have one and am a bit afraid to use it. Although I have twice, once with good results. So I guess that is 50-50, not a bad batting average.

    I love the nutty flavour of quinoa