Saturday, March 5, 2011


Two years ago. New Year's Day morning. Café au lait in hand. MacBook on lap. Mmmm. Google S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E! That is when and how I discovered online Scrabble! I was immediately hooked. Oh what fun!  Instant word game. No need to line up an opponent. No need to set up the board. I open up my laptop, connect, seek a game and play.

The nifty part is that I get to play with people from all over the world. Sometimes we exchange good wishes and play in silence. Other times we chat while we play. I even have Scrabble buddies: 4hee, geraldines, myranne70, ayrshire, wordiegirl, sonia5502, snuffi, lilyrod and maurg! Most times I set my timer at 15 minutes for a total game time of 30 minutes. For an exhilarating challenge, I set it a 3 minutes for a total game time of 6 minutes. I go for bust and slam my tiles down as quick as I can!

I am a mediocre scrabbler. I can unscrabble words out of my seven tiles easily enough and lay them down for a double word score, a triple letter score for the Z but... I need to work on weaving my letters with the words on the board; resist the temptation to lay down a noun that will set up my adversaire for a triple score verb. Strategy says Mô! BUSTED! says Jimmy when he comes home to find me scrabbling! And here's to you 4tee! Maybe we should try it en français..