Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring... not far. I let the dog out the front door and oh so wanted to crawl back into bed. It didn't work that way. When I cracked the door open to let him back in I heard the song of spring: chip, chip, chip, purdy, purdy, purdy, chicka-dee-dee-dee, fee-bee, fee-bee. OK, the words don't give the song justice. But that's the best that my National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America can do. Chip and purdy are the cardinal's, chickadee and fee-bee's are the black capped chickadee's.

Coffee and laptop in hand, I head for the sun room. I look to the east side feeder and what do I see? The Easter bunny running under the hedge! OK. Maybe he wasn't the Easter bunny but that is what I thought when I saw that rabbit. I've learned from the best! Thank you Jimmy!

I can't wait for this one to return!

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