Friday, November 23, 2012

A Necessary Evil

I haven't been happy with my wheels for the past year. Things just kept squeaking, screeching and squealing. And then one day the turbo failed... again... for the third time!! At the dealership the service guy just hears me out and says: "I'm sorry to hear that." Hhmm. So last week I was not one, not two but three days without a car. Oh woe is me. What is three days without a car when innocent people are getting bombs dropped on their heads. Bare with me.

When I get my car back, I drive home with a significantly lighter wallet. I tell my car: "You got to go!"

Over the weekend I research. On Monday afternoon I test drive in Newmarket. I meet my match in the Volkswagon Golf TDI! Sweet ride. So Mr. Car Salesman, what will you give me for my little B? He gives me an amount and I tell him he's $1,200 shy of what I'm looking for. I walk out.

Tuesday morning I request a quote from Barrie and Richmond Hill Volkswagon. They're apples to apples with Newmarket. For the trade in, they're reluctant to give me a price sight unseen. I understand that so I request a ball park price. I tell them all about my little B leaving out the bad turbo and pathetic braking system details. I am firm and aggressive. I am my true Taurus self.

While I'm working away an email comes in from Newmarket: "My manager will give you your asking price for your little B". Hhmm... I try to negotiate on winter tires. He comes back with a decent price. I tell him I'll be in after 3.

At 2.45 I boot up the 404 to Newmarket Volkswagon. Park my B and my phone rings. It's Richmond Hill. They'll give me my asking for the B. Too late. I'm in Newmarket ready to sign. The young lady begs me to tell her how she can sweeten the deal. I think she's fallen on her head and laugh her off. She insists. OK. I want free snow tires on rims and $1,000 discount. She asks me to wait one minute. She'll call me back. OK.  One minute.

A minute and a half later my phone rings. She tells me that Richmond Hill will throw in free snow tires on rims and the discount. Deal. I'll be there in 30 to sign.

I like to think of myself as a half decent human being. I decide to take the time to thank the nice people of Newmarket. I tell them that I'm going to the Hill 'cause they offered me the moon. Hang on the fellow says. A minute later I'm sitting in his manager's office. I feel like a bad kid in the principal's office. This sales manager is serious. So serious that he doesn't even get up to shake my hand. I think he's upset. "So you've been shopping around" he says. My phone rings. It's Richmond Hill. I put them off to the next day at 10 a.m.

30 minutes later. Still in Newmarket. I sign the dotted line for exactly what I wanted and more.

Remember. I am a decent human being. I told Richmond Hill 10 a.m. The next day at 9, I call my young sales lady. I begin by saying that I am cancelling our appointment. She's disappointed. I tell her I signed with Newmarket. She's devastated. I thank her for her great efforts and tell her that I think she'll be very successful one day. Yikes.

For once in my life when buying a car, I don't feel like I've been taken for a ride. I'm pleased as punch for reversing the roles.


  1. Ah the joys of cars! We just spent a small fortune on our maxi-mini. Running great now but having thoughts of our next ride. Speaking of rides, you going to the Motorcycle show next weekend?

  2. What a negotiator! Would you go with me the next time I am in the market? It says a lot about you and your skills..BUT.. are the dealers desperate and in a downturn market or what?
    Well done. Glad you are blogging again.