Thursday, March 8, 2012

Niagara-on-the-Lake :: Unedited

Harbour House
First draft.

It is so nice to get away! The operative words for this trip are: quaint, good food and comfort. First stop, Niagara-on-the-Lake. It’s all about spending our dollar in our backyard. Argh, argh. Nothin’ wrong with that!

And what a fine day we picked. Plus 18˚ sunshine with wind to rip the horns off a bull! I can’t remember the last time I drove on a sky way. One thing I know for sure, I’ve never driven on a sky way in high winds. Very exhilarating! More like white knuckling it.

Niagara-on-the-Lake. The last time I was here was with my sister Dara-Lyn by boat. We stayed at the NOTL Yacht Club on the river for two bumpy but lovely days! One day to replenish. Riding up and down the scenic strip looking like two gypsies on our tiny boat bikes laden with groceries and wine. We swam in the river off the boat it was so hot. At night we watched a lightning show over Toronto – all the way, across the lake. It’s a fine memory.

Harbour House. Located immediately across the NOTL YC. The boats are on the hard, masts up and halyard clanking away in the wind. It truly is music to my ears.

We walked the scenic strip and popped in and out of shops. Actually found some great deals at the Irish Design Shop: Harris Tweed and such! What classics!

As I write this, Jimmy is revising something work related. Incroyable non?! I don’t mind. He’s a good man that Charlie Brown. Oh and did I say that the robins are here. There’s nothing like the sound of a robin in early spring…well maybe the sound of clanking halyards!
We booked dinner at the Stone Road Grill. Bon appétit (what is Julia Child doing in my head?)! Tripadvisor said: “Don’t let the strip mall fool you!” And they are so right. The service was warm, friendly and oh so helpful! We didn't like our table...ok, I take that back. I didn't like our table and asked if we could have a booth, 'cause that's what I do (says Jimmy). We got the best booth in the house. The mother of all booth. Sitting side by each, we agreed on our appetizers, sides and entrées. Bring two forks and one plate, we're sharing it all (well truth be told, there were already lots of cutlery and fine linen on the table like in all fine establishments, even those in strip malls!). Our friendly host offered to pair all of our courses with different wines. 
Fois Gras Poutine

Fois Gras Poutine with Monforte cheese curds and Carbernet Franc jus

This was fun comfort food. The portions were not gargantuesque. Just enough to tantalize the palate and make you long for more. Fois gras, oozy cheese curds and frites in a succulent jus.

Chef's Salad
Chef's Salad to balance the decadent poutine: bibb lettuce, house cappocola, cottage gold cheese, confit duck, quail’s egg, niçoise olives, tomato “Raisins” and a fine herb vinaigrette paired with Cattail Creek Serendipity Rosé 2010. Fresh, crisp, buttery and very tasty.

Raw Oysters
Raw Oysters for some fun sides! New Brunswick and P.E.I. joined us for a brief minute paired with Henry of Pelham Cuvée Catherine Rosé Brut.

I must say that the Grill has the most amazing collection of wine glasses. Artful! 

We finished with appetizer size entrées! How civilized is that. We felt so well behaved and a little tipsy. So, Carrot ginger risotto, smoked morsels of ham hock ragu. Yummy creamy! Paired with a Stratus White 2008. 

Hhmm, t'was good!
And then to finish, the beast du jour which was bacon wrapped beef tenderloin, onion ring, peal onions, house made ravioli stuffed with duck confis paired with a Stratus Red 2006.

Well behaved but a little tipsy!

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  1. looks like you are having fun! What a wonderful get-away!