Friday, December 23, 2011

Blogging out loud on the 401

It's the eve of Christmas Eve and we're driving to the Laurentians: Jim, Whiskey and I. I never thought I'd surf the net while driving let alone blogging while driving! Truth be told, Jimmy is doing the driving. I am a happy passenger. Lots of holiday traffic and the 401 is busy. I'm not a fan of this highway. Here comes an ambulance.

We drove through a bit of a squall around Port Hope - Cobourg. Not much snow anywhere. I don't know why we refer to a snow less Christmas as a green Christmas. Things look rather brown to me. Water levels are extremely high.

CBC is on. I've travelled this route often and I know most of the frequencies by heart from 99.1 to 98.7 to 107.5. The wine guy is on and he's covering a question about Prince Edward County wines. Hhmm, not a fan of County wines, although I want to be. He's talking about mouth drying tanning.

Napanee. Deseronto.

Stompin' Tom is on! Merry Christmas everybody and Happy New Year all year through. Living Out Loud. Good show.

Go south Canada geese, go south! I worry about these birds. While I was having my morning coffee on Wednesday, hundreds of them flew over the house, their racket so loud I had to step outside to watch them fly by.

Kingston: home of Canada's first prime minister! Cataraqui River. Limestone. Snow on the ground here.

Gananoque. Ah, the Thousand Islands. I would live here. A dusting of snow covers the evergreens.

Brockville. I see a boat on the river.

Grenville, Québec. Almost there! Signing off! The sunset was picture perfect with lots of snow on ground and trees.

Joyeux Noël!

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  1. Treasure those moments with family. They are precious!
    Merry Christmas to you and Jimmy!