Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cedar Waxwing

There is a note on this bird in our Peterson Bird Guide which reads "Earl casualty, very sad. July 11, 2007". Very happy to see this one land in the maple off the sun room today. Gets its name from the "waxy" tips on its secondaries. Beautiful colouring! Might have been what I saw yesterday while reading in the hammock in the pine grove. I've been observing birds in the birdbath in our bird and butterfly garden. Hope to see this one there as they love to take baths and are known to use birdbaths in suburban gardens. Stick around fellow. We'll plan some fruit trees just for you!


  1. I love Cedar Waxwings! But they are not in my neck of the woods. Such exotic-looking creatures!

    Please do blog about your solo sailing adventures in the coming weeks, I have much admiration for you taking off on your own.

    1. Dozens of cedar waxwings in the juniper tree feeding on the white berries, here now as I'm visiting a friend in southern Ontario, Ca ada. They're here to replenish themselves before the trip back to the States.

  2. I just had a ceder waxwing on my back deck!!! and then there was a second one. I ran and got food and filled both of the feeders...and they came back! Beautiful birds!!!!!

  3. Beautiful & mysterious visitor, the Cedar Waxwing

  4. Hi... found your site while googling Cedar Wax Wing images because I just saw a flock of them (Nevada County, California) and wanted to share on my FB page. I've used the photo, and credited your site. Hope that's ok. Thanks in advance! I love your photography!