Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Du coq à l'âne

A grateful guest gave me a hug at the soup kitchen.

I am truly enjoying my Wednesday ski club! Ski lessons for the first time in my life are doing wonders! I am learning to move my ankles, knees and hips like never before. Meeting lots of friendly people!

Spoke to Dad and Mom. Good to hear their voices. You're in my heart and in my thoughts constantly.

I tried my hand at making paneer. What simple gratification!

A snowstorm slowed everything down last Friday!

Our foodies' gathering brought us together for a fine Indian meal! It was a culinary adventure which took our group to new heights, I think. Diane blogged about it!

I enjoyed Dvorǎk's Humoresques and downloaded a few versions. To watch the musicians' faces as they play is priceless. Ma is such a natural!

Strapped on my snowshoes for the first time in two years! It was nice to walk the back fields.

A red tabby came "a knocking" at our door. Took him in for the night. He's at the shelter now. I called today to inquire if someone had come looking for him. He's still there...

Du coq à l'âne...

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  1. Thanks for the Humoresque. Exquisite! Perlman and Yo Yo Ma on the same stage, how lovely.

    I was happy to host our Indian feast... and surprised by your hidden talent. You play guitar so nicely and have a beautiful singing voice. Encore! Encore!

    I love the snow. I may go out and get some snowshoes. Unfortunately don't get the opportunity to use them often enough during Southern Ontario winters. I like the new ones, so light.