Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Blog Header...Work in Progress

Comments please!!! I've been meaning to try this ages ago. I had to get my ducks in a row before I could execute the plan. I have looked high and low for a way to customize my blog header. I tried this dinky online design site but was never satisfied with the end result. This is version ONE.

Tell me what you think. Please send me your constructive criticism.

I simply used Publisher!

Who's in for a January Saturday blog-a-thon down at the club? Annika? Diane? Dick? If so, there's homework! Everyone must bring a design tip to share. How 'bout it?


  1. I thought your previous header was customized. I loved the simplicity of your other header. If you decide to go with this version, I think you need to add some bold color elsewhere in the body to balance the page (background color or fonts) or try your header pictures in black & white..

  2. Here's an idea where the pictures would work with the current fonts etc.

    I think the white space in between the pictures, doesn't make the header feel as dominating.

  3. I think so many different images in the header compete with each other. I like them all but side by each they steal something away. If you could animate, I could see one come forward and the others grey out. Or maybe each pulse onto the screen to take a turn. But that would likely take forever to load.