Friday, June 17, 2011

Heaven! I'm in heaven...

That's what I was humming and singing it as I rode along the country roads on my scooter. I tied my GPS onto the bike with a shoestring. Now, now...don't pooh pooh my technique. It was tied with knots to make a sailor proud. The route would take me to my destination via the back roads. No highways. Uxbridge. Port Perry. Nestleton Station. Blackstock. Bethany. Cavan-Monaghan. Millbrook. Bailieboro. Campbellcroft. Precious Corners. I must admit that this last one put a smile on my face when I rode through. The area was settled by a Joseph Precious in the 1800s. Unless one knew this, one would think it quite "precious". Riding with the GPS is great fun. Never before travelled roads. The narrower the path, the more magical the moment. Rolling hills. Ridges. Winding roads. Cow paths connecting one concession to another. Trees so thick and lush shelter the road like a covered bridge.
My destination, an old country inn and spa -- an annual pilgrimage to the hills of Haldimand County shared with my childhood friend Jennifer. A good time is always had. We gab, eat, lounge, knit and spa.

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