Sunday, April 17, 2011

San Francisco Shoeshine!

There is nothing worse then a long layover! After grabbing a bite to eat, doing all the shops (all four of them), sipping on a mediocre coffee while people watching, what else could be done to while the time away? Across the way to the left, the sign above the door read Goodfellow. Didn't mean anything whatsoever. Sparse content. Attendant standing outside leaning against the wall. Not busy. Masculine sort of feel to it this Goodfellow. Throw away the empty coffee cup and get a glimpse of a chair in the air. Oh! It's a shoeshine stand! What an idea! My Blundstones could surely use a pick me up. Three chairs in the air. I climb into one and wait for my turn. Business man getting a shoeshine. And then a sexagenarian Swiss wearing burgundy penniless penny loafers is next. I roll up my pants in anticipation at the ready for my first shoeshine ever!


  1. are those before or after shots?

  2. I want to hear more about the shoes!

  3. You went to San Francisco for a shoe shine! Actually you accomplished more than I did in Dallas-Fort Worth. I even forgot about Duty Free.