Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

Is there anything as great as a snow day?! The world seems to come to a stop. Well maybe not a full stop. It does seem to slow down a bit though. A snow day is a day of my own and always will be. Cancel everything.
 Bundle up. Step outside to take a peak at mother nature camera in hand, Whiskey the dog trailing ahead!
 Pretty lanterns.

 Open winter field...
 Tiny bird prints...
 Memory of Cooper,

 Summer garden tools,
 Home at Whispering Pines laden with snow.

Snow on ground. Falling snow. Under the pines, I find tiny chickadees sheltered. One of them is looking at me as if to say: "oh it's you, hi!". Cows huddled for warmth in the farmer's field. 
Bbrrrrr. Time to go in.
Light a fire. Boil the kettle. Have a bite and a hot cuppa.
Bird watch: chickadees feeding on suet and mixed feeds; harries, downies, white breasted nuthatchers, mr and mrs cardinal, finches, blue jays, mourning doves. They are so busy.
Happy Snow Day!

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  1. Great post and wonderful photos! I especially like the one of the fresh bird prints.